how to do a rocket jump

How to do a Rocket Jump

Let us all take a quick journey through video game history with Freddie and friends to see how the ‘rocket jump’ came to fruition. Sure his friends are total noobs, but Freddie knows physics, and that’s what will save his life.
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guitar baby

Guitar Baby!

Sure it may be a promotional “viral advertisement” for the game but Rocksmith, it’s still fun to watch. It’s almost hard to tell that this isn’t a real baby playing a guitar. Rocksmith is a new game similar to guitar hero but with a real guitar.
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the passionate painter

The Passionate Painter

Wouldn’t this just make your day when heading when walking down your street? Well, you can find these ads when walking down Main St. in Toronto Ontario.
Remember, they do guerrilla marketing, not painting like guerrillas.
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goldfish we come together

Goldfish – We Come Together

After months and months of work by genius animator Mike Scott, co-ordinating a team of digital animators, designers, claymation artists and post production companies from around the world we are left with what is probably hands down – Goldfish’s best, and funniest music video to date.
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outside aperture

Outside Aperture

Based on the original ending of Portal by Valve. Have you ever wondered what happened after Chell destroyed GLaDOS in the first Portal game? This fan film was made by Eisen Feuer and offers an interesting look into the life of Aperture’s test subject.
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piranha plant earrings

Piranha Plant Earrings on Etsy

Female fans of Super Mario Bros can now show off their gamer geekiness with this awesome accessory. These Piranha Plant earring are made of polymer clay and will grab everyones attention, in a good way. They are currently out of stock but I’m sure Lizglizz will make some more.
Link to source below.
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street fighter stop motion

Street Fighter Stop Motion – Ryu VS Ken

What else can be said that the title and opening image doesn’t say. Created by Taichung, from Taiwan, filmed with a Nikon D5100.
In this video I try to make the fight back to original and not to use too much special effets, hope you guys like it, this took me around 1 month for the proccesing, and yeap I am already working with Halo and the next one will come first with the hot girl gun fight, wish you guys enjoy the show.
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sitting is killing you

Sitting is Killing You

As users of technology, our lives often tend to be sedentary. It’s just good practice to remind ourselves that we should get up and be active.
I’m not sure if the following poster is pure propaganda by ‘Medical Billing and Coding’ however the statistics are interesting to read.
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madeon 39 songs

Madeon – Here are 39 songs I like (mashup)

17 year old music producer, Madeon, is quickly becoming recognized for his talents as a DJ. Using only a launchpad and a mixing console he has created a mind blowing mashup of 39 of his favourite songs. (Video after the break.)
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earth beat bmx dirt park

The Earth Beat

BMX riding is a lot of fun when you can do it with your friends, but it gets a whole lot better when you have your own private dirt park. On his grandparents farmland, in Romania, Nándor Székely and his friends built a BMX course to enjoy the freedom of riding. This entire video was shot with a Canon 5D Mark II.
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