Mindcrack Weekly Recap 8 9

Minecraft Mindcrack Weekly Recap Ep 8 & 9

In this episode you’re getting two weeks worth of updates from PyroPuncher, on what is happing from those crazy Minecraft players. Who’s being pranked this week and who died in the Death Games.
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peter parkour

Peter Parkour – London’s Spider-Man

Filmed on location in London UK, by Infinite Wisdom, for the Blu-ray / DVD release of The Amazing Spider-Man. All parkour performed by Axel Dupre.
Now two videos for the price of one.
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tractor racing volvo terror

Tractor Racing Volvo Terror

The Volvo Terror has a Volvo 240 Turbo engine and can out drift most cars. Don’t be fooled, this sucker will knock you down and steal your lunch money.
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girls snowboarding movie

A Girls Snowboarding Movie: 5 More Minutes… Please?!

“5 More Minutes… Please?” A wintry masterpiece headed by renowned Sophie Morawetz and some of the best European female snowboarders. This 38 minute film of snowboarding, skateboarding and surfing shows that these girls have no limits and their expression for their passion.
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super mario beads 3

Super Mario Beads 3

Created by Marcus and Hannes Knutsson it’s time for yet another epic beaded, stop motion, Super Mario adventure. This time, in dangerous suburbia.
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dragonball z saiyan saga

Saiyan Saga – Live Action DragonBall Z

Saiyan Saga is a trailer for what could be a feature length, live action, fan film of DragonBall Z. Produced by K&K Productions from the UK, they demonstrate the potential thrill factor the DBZ series has a live action film.
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mechbass robotic bass guitar

MechBass Robotic Bass Guitar

Introducing MechBass, a robot that plays bass guitar, from the engineering genius of James McVay. While attending Victoria University of Wellington, New Zealand, James had spent 4 years developing his robot. Many of the components had gone through 3, or more, iterations.
“Everything I designed in Solidworks, and lasercut/3D printed and assembled my self.”
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BMX : Rise – Tom Van Steenbergen

Featuring music by Minnesota “Stardust”, this short video from Harrison Mendel shows off the talent of Tom Van Steenbergen on his BMX. The combination of cinematography and dirt shredding will make you wish it was summer again.
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so many dumb ways to die

So Many Dumb Ways to Die

This animated PSA for Australia’s Metro Trains and is performed by Tangerine Kitty.
Just a friendly reminder, if you see a random red button and decide to push it, make sure it doesn’t blow up the Earth. That’s where I keep all my stuff.
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x games 2012 real snow mix

X Games 2012 – Real Snow Mix

A collection of 60 second clips from eight of the best urban snowboards from around the world. Fighting for the chance to win $50K and Gold at Winter X.
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