pixelstick light painting

Light painting with Pixelstick

There really isn’t anyway to explain what Pixelstick is, other than it is a form of light painting taken to a whole new level. With light painting, you use a long exposure on a camera to capture a light source drawing through the air. The end result is something pretty phenomenal.
But pixelstick… It’s drawing in the air with pre-created images.
Just check out the video below.
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minecraft wedding

Matt and Asia’s Minecraft Wedding

It’s a story only video games are made of. It all started with game of Minecraft and players falling in love, then next thing you know a proposal at Minecon. Soon, there was a Minecraft Wedding.
Meet Matt and Asia. Two Minecrafters that went the extra mile for their wedding. And believe it or not, the wedding theme was Asia’s idea.
Check out the photos and video below.
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click baby click

Click, Baby, Click!

You hear that sound? That’s the sound of progress baby!
The numbers don’t lie! Get the presses started and the trucks a rollin’, ’cause you’re eating surf and turf tonight.

I wouldn’t have guessed it at first, but this clever ad is from Adobe of all places.
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Aahhh… Little kids and their pets. There’s nothing quite like them. Especially when the pets turn out to be crazy (little?) monsters!?!
An animated project by students at Bellecour Schools, Art Design & Entertainment.
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ping pong knifes pineapple

Ping Pong Knives and a Pineapple

Have you ever heard of the Tumba Ping Pong Show? You’re not going to forget the name now. With precision accuracy, Slightly Mad Max launches knives at his targets with the use of only a ping pong paddle.
For a moment, I thought we were going to see some blood.
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Calvin and Hobbes dance

Calvin and Hobbes dance

If you’re like the rest of us, you’ve always wanted an animated cartoon, movie, something of Calvin and Hobbes. This short, fan made animation, is an interpretation of how the mischievous boys dance moves.
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most difficult magic trick

The Most Difficult Magic Trick

Can Swedish magicians Brynolf & Ljung fool Penn & Teller with “the most difficult magic trick”? As Red Green use to say “Duck tape is the handyman’s secret weapon”, who knew it was a magicians secret weapon as well.
Make sure to watch the end and see if Penn & Teller get it right.
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legend of hero

The Legend of Hero – Stage 1

This is a tale of a hero’s journey in a strange land where snake make him queasy, land seems to defy gravity, and fireballs can not burn chests. Perhaps this is a magical land with an evil Wizard or King.
But to find out the answer to that our hero must first save the Princess.
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Mindcrack Weekly Recap 10 11

Minecraft Mindcrack Weekly Recap Ep 10 & 11

The Minecraft Mindcrack server weekly news report is back again and just like last time it’s a twofer. Since almost everyone was at Minecon last week there’s a lot to go over.
Not only has the E Pranker finally revealed himself, but so does VintageBeef (at Minecon). We see a lot of stuff from behind the senses at Minecon.
And some Minecraft Minecrackers die… again.
Plus an interview with musician C418.
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shave it

Shave It

Dissatisfied with the deforestation of his home, this chimp leaves the lush jungle for the concrete jungle. But could his ultimate goal be much darker and more sinister?
Could this be how it all began for Powerpuff Girls enemy Mojo Jojo?
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